Terms of Purchase

All purchases on FunkyShop.club are to be made under agreement to and understanding of these terms.

Pricing and Payment

  • All prices are in Hong Kong dollars. US Dollar equivalent is listed for convenience purposes only.
  • All sales are made in Hong Kong dollars, under the laws of Hong Kong.
  • The prices listed for phones do not include the shipping cost of 400 Hong Kong Dollars
  • The listed prices are increased by 5% for Paypal orders to cover the Paypal fees.
  • To order at the list price, please contact us for instructions to pay by Western Union, Bitcoin, or Bank trasnfer.
  • When ordering by paypal, please do not worry if you don't receive a confirmation email. Your paypal receipt will serve as your proof of purchase.

Item Description

  • All of the phones we sell are original and new, purchased by our team from reputable vendors.
  • The boxes of the phones we sell are opened so that the state of the phone when shipped can be thoroughly photographed and documented to prevent fraud.
  • There are cases where we may not be able to fulfill your color preferences. In such cases, we will contact you and offer you another color or a refund.

Shipping and Tracking (Phones)

  • Most orders are shipped via FedEx, DHL, or Aramex Express from Hong Kong.
  • For some countries, for example Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, we may use Aramex for shipping.
  • For many European countries,, we may use DHL or DPD for shipping.
  • If you are concerned about which shipping company we use, please contact us to confirm.
  • To countries where using FedEx is costs considerably more than 400 HKD, we reserve the right to use other shipping methods. We will let the customer know in this case.
  • In cases where 400 HKD paid for shipping does not cover the cost of shipping, we will contact the customer with the option to pay the difference or cancel the order.
  • We provide the tracking number to customers by email or by posting it on paypal, usually the day after the item has shipped.
  • Most of the items we sell ship out within two business days from the order. If it will take longer than five business days, we will contact you with the opportunity to cancel.
  • Depending on your country's laws, your shipment may be taxed or dutied by customs. In this case, you will be responsible for paying these fees, as per the laws of your country.
  • If you have questions or requests about customs declarations, please contact us.

Shipping and Tracking (Accessories)

  • For accessory purchases, shipments are made by Hong Kong Post
  • An express option is not available.
  • Orders generally arrive within two weeks, usually faster.
  • Depending on your country's laws, your shipment may be taxed or dutied by customs. In this case, you will be responsible for paying these fees, as per the laws of your country.
  • We do not charge shipping for accessory purchases.


  • If there is a delay or a problem fulfilling your order, we will offer you the opportunity to cancel your order for a full refund.
  • In other cases, we are not able to accept order cancellations. Please be sure you want what you order.

Returns and Refunds

  • You can make a return request to us by contacting us by email.
  • Any return requests or refund requests will be granted or denied at our sole discretion, based on our internal criteria.
  • In general, all orders are final. Please be sure you want what you are ordering.

Warranty and Repair

  • The items we sell are covered under their respective original manufacturer warranties.
  • Beyond the original manufacturer warranties, we do not offer any additional warranty on the phone.
  • The original manufacturer warranties may or may not be valid in your region. Generally, they are valid in the China/Hong Kong region, but they are international in some cases. Please check with the manufacturer.
  • We make sure that the items are in new, working condition, and that they are packed safely for shipment.
  • At our own discretion, we may offer to help you get repair work done under the warranty by shipping your phone to us in Hong Kong. In these cases, you will be responsible for the shipping fees and any repair fees which fall outside of warranty.


  • With all phone purchases, we include a screen protector and a plastic phone case as a free gift.
  • With all Huawei/Honor phone purchases, we also include a FunkyHuawei unlimited pass as a free gift.
  • With most Huawei/Honor phone purchases, we also include the bootloader unlock code. Please check the item description to see if the code is included.
  • With most Huawei/Honor phone purchases, you can select the regional branding of the phone which you prefer. We will set the software to that branding for you before shipping. This may cause a delay before the item is shipped, in order to complete this work.
  • We will test that the bootloader unlock code works for phones which include it, but we will not unlock the bootloader. You will need to do this yourself.